2 Course Bundle

Discover Your DSLR + the Art of Composition

Take control of you camera, then learn the principles of composition

01 DISCOVER YOUR DSLR - Say goodbye to Auto, for good

In this course, you will quickly get to grips with your camera, be it a DSLR or mirror-less model.

You will learn:

  • How your camera works, plus fundamentals such as how to hold and carry a DSLR.
  • Photography basics, such as the Exposure Triangle, Depth of Field & Exposure Reciprocity.
  • When to use your Viewfinder, LCD Display, or Live View
  • How to customise your camera settings

Warning: this course isn't just a Talking Head monologue - YOU are required to apply what you've learned in 6 practical exercises.
And the videos are illustrated with sample photos, digital animations of key concepts, and closeups of a range of DSLRs. [Canon, Nikon & Sony.]

These practice shoots will teach you:

  1. How to use Exposure Compensation, as well as the Metering Modes
  2. What Aperture range is available on your lenses
  3. How to use a narrow Depth of Field to blur the background of your shots
  4. How to freeze and blur movement using Shutter Priority
  5. How to use Auto-Focus Points to determine what's in focus
  6. How to find the Sweet Spot on your lens.

Plus, you get free downloadable Cheat Sheets - for each exercise - AND professionally-designed PDF guides on each topic.

This course is for...

  • Beginner photographers
  • Those new to DSLR cameras

You will need...

  • You need a DSLR camera - or a Sony mirror-less model (e.g. Sony A6000 )
  • 90 minutes to view the video training, do the quirky quizzes, and download the supplementary PDFs.
  • Allow 2 hours+ to properly complete the practice exercises

02 ART OF COMPOSITION - Improve your photography in 5 hours

Are you unhappy with your photos? Do you struggle to understand camera settings, and get confused with all the technical terminology?

Bypass these issues ... learn the fun stuff first:

  • Understand what makes a 'good photo' (or bad photo)
  • Learn to compose your photos with clear intent, not randomly
  • Know how to critique your own work
  • Understand why your photos 'work' (or don't work)
  • Know related terminology & basics of colour theory
  • Feel goooood about your photography

Learn the artistic side of photography, and once you've got this mastered, then learn all that left-brained stuff.

Most photography courses try to teach you how a camera works. Technical stuff such as the Exposure Triangle, which is quite difficult to understand. Here, we get into the aesthetic and the artistic - things anyone with a camera can comprehend. The rules of composition apply mostly in the landscape genre, but many are applicable in portraiture and in other genres too.

This course is for...

  • Beginner or Intermediate-level photographers
  • Advanced photographers who have not studied the artistic side of their craft

You will need...

  • You need a camera - point-and-shoots & DSLRs are all suitable
  • 40 minutes to view the video training
  • 4 hours+ to properly complete the practice exercises

Your Tutor

Ray Salisbury
Ray Salisbury

Hi there! My name is Ray, & I live in Nelson, the sunshine capital of New Zealand.

I've been a keen landscape photographer for over 40 years. My bachelor degree in Graphic Design included two years' training in photography, and I now sell images to stock libraries and magazines.

But my passion is in sharing my success secrets with those of you who are not satisfied with your photos. For 12 years I have inspired thousands of students as a qualified art teacher.

As a teaching professional, I know that a one-way monologue is the most ineffective method of communication, (and the most boring). And you all have different personalities; different learning styles & speeds. I get that, so my courses are tailored to aural, visual & kinesthetic learners.

Plus, I have peppered my courses with animated diagrams, visual aids, quirky quizzes & carefully designed worksheets. Surprisingly, the most important part of my training courses are NOT the video lectures, but the hands-on exercises where YOU get to put theory into practice.

If you have trouble navigating my course, or would like some help, don't hesitate. My email address is: [email protected]

See you on the inside...

Ray Salisbury
Photography Tutor
@ Hot Pixels Photography

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